Is a gmail email address good for business?

We have all been there. You get some random mail from some random person and the first thing you do is glance that their email address. It says hmmmmm… then you begin to wonder is this another fraudster trying to scam me.

But let’s flip the script what if you are a legitimate business reaching out to new potential clients to sell your products/services and you are sending from that same or at address? Could it be the reason that you are not getting any replies to your business emails? maybe.

A professional email address

A professional email address can help build trust with a potential client because it is a branded email address. When you see that a person is sending you an email and that email corresponds with the organization they represent it helps ease your concern.

How get an professional email address

Getting a professional email address can really be an easy process all you have to do is find the domain that best suits your organization you can check out our domain checker at An example of a domain could be something like with your emails being

Once you have checked that your domain is available then you can proceed to select a hosting option. A hosting account is simply like renting a storage place to store your emails, files, and documents. Thereafter you can create up to 25 professional email addresses for your organization or more if you choose a higher tier plan.

Is the setup complicated?

Complicated email setups are the thing of the past. Whenever you create a new email address you will automatically receive settings to set it up on any device mobile, desktop, notebook and special settings for outlook and other email software will also be available. In most cases, you can be set up in a matter of 10 minutes or less.

What about my old email address?

One of the biggest factors causing people to cling to their old Gmail email addresses is the fact that if you have been in business for such a long time that most clients have been emailing them on their old address. So most people are concerned about missing emails from clients still emailing their old accounts. Here the solution is simple, just ask any Neptune Design staff member to add an email forwarder to your old email address. What this will do is automatically send any incoming email to your old address to your new one, with no action required on your part.

A worthwhile investment

It might take a little sacrifice and a small monthly investment, but a corporate professional email could just help you secure your next big client. Visit us at and select the hosting option to find out more.

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