Landing page conversion optimization

A landing page is a great tool to use on your website to build your email marketing list. The problem is clients will not just give you their email address you need to demonstrate value. Statistics show that the average landing page gets a 2.35% conversion rate. Let’s look at how you can use Landing page conversion optimization to increase your conversion rate.

Number 1: Awesome Hero Image

Does your optimized landing page include a hero image? An image of a future state where the client’s problem is solved. For example, if you are a real estate agent in Miami does your landing page show a beautiful beach house on a picturesque day? Or maybe a happy family in front of their new home? You have to remember that the human brain is wired to look at images before text so you should include a hero image regardless of what you sell. 

Number 2: Authority

Do you have any social proof that can verify the claims that you are making on your landing page? Are there any customers who have previously purchased your product or service and are so happy that would gladly write a gleeful testimony for you. If so you should have at least a few testimonials on your landing page. Lastly, if you have any industry awards or certifications you should definitely list them on your landing page, but be careful we are looking for a minimum amount of information on this page. So if you have a badge or image even better just not a four-paragraph write up about how wonderful you are. Remember people have busy lives so the shorter and more impactful the better.

Number 3: Minimum information required

Remember to ask for the minimum information necessary to subscribe to your newsletter.

If you ask your clients for a lot of information and give them a homework assignment chances are they will avoid your landing page like the bubonic plague. Make it easy for someone to sign up for your newsletter not extremely difficult. Should you need any further information after that you can most certainly send a follow-up survey email to cover the details you need. Trust me having someone that didn’t complete your survey is better than having no one to send the survey to in the first place.

Number 4: Get an SSL certificate

Some of your landing pages are showing not secure. Would you put your personal details into a website that shows not secure? I wouldn’t. An SSL certificate is non-negotiable, no excuse just get one and get it over with. 

Number 5:  Single Opt-In 

Perhaps this would be a good moment for me to explain the difference between single opt-in email sign up and double opt-in. Single opt-in allows the client to sign up once and be added to your mailing list immediately without having to confirm they’re a real person. Double opt-in sends a second email to the client asking them to confirm their humanity. Here is where the breakdown happens. You would think it a smart idea for you to have everyone on your mailing list as a verified person I did too.

Need an example?

Here is are some examples of 2 great landing pages you can learn from.

Our landing page

Shopifys landing page

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