5 Crucial parts of a Google ads campaign

How do you know when you have your Google ads campaign right?

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Every day people are seeing thousands and thousands of ads online. How can you differentiate your business ads so they can have the maximum intended effect? The key is not just to run a Google ads campaign and hope for the best. You need to do the hard work upfront to ensure that you deliver the right message to the person at the right time. Only when you have these 3 things aligned will you be rewarded with conversions on your website.

Target Market

Are your customers even on Google? Are they on the display network? Are they the type of people that watch YouTube? If you’ve answered “I don’t know” or “maybe” to the previous questions then there is a chance that you haven’t identified a target market for your product or service. We need to identify exactly who we are selling to before we even begin the process of marketing.

Media Behaviour

What types of devices do your users use most? Where do they spend the majority of their time? This is where a/b testing comes in handy, make sure you constantly measure your ads campaign devices and pin point exactly where your clients are spending most of their time. Once you identify what works double down on your advertising on that particular device and cut back on the devices that offer a lower return on ad spend.


This is one of the most crucial elements of any marketing campaign. Have you ever wondered why some ad campaigns from brands like Nike and Apple resonate with you while others don’t. A highly focused approach on messaging is important its not what your company is saying but how it’s being said. You need develop your unique brand voice so you don’t get drowned in a ocean of generic marketing voices. People remember how you spoke to them before they remember what you actually said. Use this principle in your marketing.

Ad Types for market

You get display ads, shopping ads, discovery ads, search ads and the list goes on and on. Learning the difference between these types of ads will help you to further hone your marketing to focus in on the right clients. Search ads can be great for service related business example: Google search:Emergency Plumber New York City. Whereas when a product is visually striking with great packaging display ads and shopping ads are the way to go. Make sure your ad types match the products you are selling.

Campaign Benchmarks

Sometimes we do know if our campaigns turned our well or not. We don’t know if we did OK or above average. The reason for this is we don’t have any benchmarks to compare our campaigns against. If you take a look at your Tokyo Gym Strategy you will see a list of keyword benchmarks. We’ve compared previous search traffic and performance of certain keywords industry wide and this give us good data to compare with from the beginning.


Running a Google ads campaigns will be much easier for you when applying these simple steps. If you need any help with a digital strategy that is uniquely suited to your organization reach out to us.

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