5 Website beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

Yes, it can be tedious implementing all these changes to your website but your clients will thank you with sales. Remember you don’t have to do all this work by yourself.

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In this article, we will be looking at the 5 website beginner mistakes I made when I started designing websites. These are easy to correct and improve upon I trust that this will guide you to becoming a more effective web designer.

No Newsletter Signup

If you don’t have a place on your site to capture client email addresses and details consider this. Statistics show 97% of visitors who visit a website for the first time don’t purchase or engage. So if 97% of people visiting us don’t purchase our products/services how do we get them to come back again? Simple capture their email addresses with a newsletter signup so that we can market to them even if they are offline.

No Blog

It is vital for your website to have a blog in today’s world, clients have too much choice and seeking reviews and information on products. How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?. Simple, develop a deep relationship with your clients by constantly giving them useful information. Help them with the everyday problems they could possibly have. Guide them to your website and the products that can help solve those problems. Blogging takes time yes but remember once you have a loyal client base you will not have to spend more money marketing to people who already trust you.


People are visual thinkers they love to look more than they love to read. Try and include infographics and more images on your website.  Don’t just put endless paragraphs full of text and expect that everyone will take the 15 mins to read. Remember people are information-rich and time-poor.


Try keeping your website modern with a great color palette, some websites use terrible color schemes, try to stay away from a lot of dark shades of blue, bright reds, yellows & whites these irritate the eyes of the viewer and can cause them to close your website without a second thought. Remember if these colors are used skillfully they can be quite powerful in getting engagement from visitors but if you’re building a site for the first time with little color experience try and stay away from those colors.

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics

There is no point in putting all that work into your website but no-one can find it on the google search results. You need to optimize your website for search engines and not only that you need to use social media to push traffic (visitors) towards your website. But where do you begin with this SEO/Traffic business? The first step is to get google analytics so that you can actually start monitoring all the traffic coming to your website. Contact us so we can assist in setting this up for you.


Yes, it can be tedious implementing all these changes to your website but your clients will thank you with sales. These website beginner mistakes are easy to avoid and remember you don’t have to do all this work by yourself. Our experts at Neptune Design can help you assess your needs and find solutions if you would like your website assessed please contact us.

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