How does pay per click advertising work?

Pay-per-click marketing or PPC marketing is one of the most effective types of online marketing there is. Pay-per-click ads can be extremely helpful in your efforts to market your business. Let’s take at how pay per click advertising works and how you can use it to increase your business exposure.

What they are?

Have you ever been on social media browsing through your friends posts when you see a companies ad or a video that is definitely not a friend’s post. You have just encountered a pay-per-click ad also know as a PPC ad. PPC ads can take many shapes and forms here are few ways they can be implemented.

  • Google search result ads
  • Website banners
  • Youtube ads in-between video playback
  • Linkedin posts
  • Twitter posts

How they work?

You can easily get Facebook, Google or any social media platform to run these ads on behalf of your business. Let’s take a Facebook ad for example here is what you will need:

Ad Design

You will need a creative design for your ad. One that makes your service or product stand out. It needs to be eye catching, informative and creative this will lead higher engagement on social media and other platforms.

Ad Copy

Once you are happy with your ad design you will then need some additional ad copy (text) to tell your prospective buyer what your ad is all about. This is where the services of a professional copy-writer could come in handy as they can help work on a message that resonates with your potential clients.

Platform Guidelines

Be sure to check the platform ad policies & guidelines before submitting any ad for approval.If the design or copy in your ad is against these guidelines it could lead to your ad being rejected which will cause delays.


Pay-per-click ads get their name because you only pay for the ad once someone online actually clicks on the advertisement. Your payment usually gets debited at month end as per your preference or whenever you reach a payment threshold amount specified by the platform. You are able to set a daily and a monthly budget in order to control your ads spend.

How much do PPC ads cost?

We often find that clients are too scared to start with PPC ads because they are scared of the cost. Here is the good news you can start PPC advertising from as little as $1 per day. That’s right! Only $1 per day so there is no excuse to run online ads.


The major advantage of PPC ads is you only pay for the people that interact and click on your online/social media ads. If you had to purchase advertising space in traditional media such as a newspaper or magazine you would have to pay for that ad space even if you didn’t get a single client interaction with that ad.

You also get an extremely sophisticated set of targeting tools which can allow you to target your ads to a specific target audience selected by you. There are over 50 methods to target clients such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Interests
  • Online activity

This makes PPC ads an extremely flexible and cost effective way of advertising.


There are very few disadvantages with online marketing but if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy and know-how to find your target audience you can still lose money on PPC marketing.


PPC ads are amazing you should definitely get into marketing your business online with the amount tools available its a no-brainer.

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