Tokyo Jimu Concept Strategy

The Client

Tokyo Jimu has been operating in Japan for 2 years, they have a total 5 gyms in central Tokyo. Tokyo Jimu would like to achieve the goal of increasing their foot print in Tokyo South to 15 more gyms.

The gym is looking to increase it’s monthly signups by 20%. The gym has also looking to appeal to a younger demographic with it’s messaging to increase its customer base.

The Challenge

Our goals are to reach our new demographic with strategically placed content. This content should be informative and valuable for our new prospects. Sparking a genuine interest in joining Tokyo Jimu.

New Gym Member Target
1500 new members by Q4 2020 100%
Newsletter Email Subcriber Target
8500 sign-ups by Q4 2020 100%
New Youtube Subscribers
10 000 new subscribers by Q4 2020 100%

Proposed Solution

A direct digital marketing campaign that will reach young professionals all around Tokyo. The campaign should match their life goals and aspirations. We are also looking to differentiate our gym in a meaningful way by using lifestyle messaging.

Campaign Distrubtion

The campaign will be distributed using the following channels.

Keyword Plan

A full breakdown of keywords needed to reach the target market and increase membership.

Advertising Mockups

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