What is included in content marketing?

Producing content for your website or social media can be quite confusing. What should you post? where should you post it? and how can you make sure your post gets the most engagement possible? Different content will also appeal to different people at different ages and life stages. So how can you be sure that your content reaches potential buyers?

This is where a content marketing strategy comes into place a content marketing strategy makes sure that your content actually lines up with the needs of your target buyer. A content marketing strategy also brings harmony to all your different marketing efforts across all platforms. With a content marketing strategy, you won’t feel like your just aimlessly posting things and hoping it all works out for the best. It is a real actionable plan to get the most out of social media and online marketing.

Why your business needs one

Businesses often struggle with obscurity. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are some of the best free marketing tools I have used in my business. I used to spend to hundred of dollars on marketing my business online just to get enough visits to my website to survive and grow, I occasionally still do but posting creative, well thought out content is by far easier and more effective.

If your buyers are out there searching for specific solutions to their problem they might not know about your business and your ability to assist them with that problem. Content marketing creates a bridge between the client having the problem and the client seeing your business/product as the solution.

Build client relationships

With all these ads showing to people, online many users are just ignoring ads. Just because you know your product is good doesn’t necessarily mean your potential clients share that view. You need to build trust by regularly informing and engaging with clients online by consistently producing quality information, via blogs, posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts.

This ensures that you form a tribe around your product or service, a small community highly interested in your business and what it does. Once these relationships are established it’s far easier for potential clients to trust you with their money in exchange for your products and services.

Create brand awareness

There is nothing as painful as knowing your product can help so many people but no-one has heard of your business. You will find that as you continue to create and post more thoughtful and relevant content your viewership will grow and people will actively start sharing your content thus the biggest followers of your content will bring you even more followers. The best thing about this process is all you need to do is the initial work of creating the right content.

Become a thought leader

As soon as you start producing content that helps a lot of clients other business owners in your sector will start looking at you as the “hero”. You will become a business owner is brave enough to share their deep knowledge of the subject matter for the world to see. This creates new opportunities for you within your industry because you will gain the respect of your peers.

Evergreen sales machine

The absolute best thing about content is it becomes an automated sales post for your business. There are many blog articles that were posted years ago that are still producing sales leads for their owners till this present day. These blog articles stay relevant because they still generate interest in a particular subject matter that resonates with many people online and will continue to do so for many years.


Having a content marketing plan could be the best thing you do for your business. Always keep your customers at the center of all your marketing strategies and you will succeed. If you are interested in creating a content marketing strategy visit us at Neptune Design.

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