How to create a Google ad lead form extension

Here are some simple quick steps on how to create a lead form extension in google ads,

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Here are some simple quick steps on how to create a lead form extension in google ads.

What is a lead form extension

Simply put a lead form extension is a link under your ads that allows the client to quickly fill in their details to request a quote or a booking. These can be very handy because the client can leave their details without visiting your website. They allow the customer a fast frictionless experience while still giving you the lead.

How to create a Google ads lead form extension step by step

Step 1:create a normal search campaign

Go to the search campaigns menu and click on the blue circular plus sign. Make sure you are in the campaign sub-menu. If you cannot see any of these options its because you are not using your google ads in expert mode. To switch to expert mode click on the setting button (spanner icon) and click on the option switch to expert mode.

Step 2: Step-up the google ads campaign

  • Click on new campaign
  • Choose your campaign goal
  • Select search as your campaign type
  • Enter your business website
  • Go through the normal campaign settings at the bottom you will see a section that says ad extensions
  • Click on the blue circular plus button
  • Select the option that says lead form extension

Step 3: Customize your form

You can now customize your lead form remember to only ask for the minimum information necessary at this step in the sales process, Asking for too much information can be off-putting to a client.

Click on new lead form extension / Customize your lead form

Step 4: Congratulations

Congratulations once you launch your search campaign your lead extension will be active.

Step 5: How do I find my leads?

You can find your leads by going to your ads and extensions sub-menu here’s how you do it.

  • Click on your current campaign
  • Click on ads and extensions
  • Click on the submenu extensions
  • Look under lead form extensions
  • Click on the download leads link
  • Your leads will come in a .csv format

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