Increase calls to your business using Google ads call extensions

Use Google ads call extensions

Picture the scenario a potential client is searching for your product or service. They see your ad appear on the search results but they don’t have time to click through and search your website. Is there an easy effective way for this client to call you off your search ad? Well… now there is you can use Google ad call extensions to make it easy for the clients to contact you.

What do they look like

Here is a example of the advert

How do I make one?

Simply click on the tutorial video at the post for a full guide. Or if you are an experienced user simply go to the ads & extensions menu in your Google ads dashboard, click on create a new campaign extension and you should see the option for Google call extensions.

What are the benefits

  • Fast contact point with the client
  • Clients will usually favor a simple call to a sales person
  • Each conversion is tracked by Google
  • Makes your ads look more professional versus rivals

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