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Do you need a social media Manager?

A social media presence is vital for your business in order to produce leads and generate traffic to your website. Many businesses are failing to capitalize on the gold mine that is social media. With so many conflicting strategies and everyone giving their own advice about social media it can be kind of daunting. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing your social media to us.

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Get Noticed

Visual content is more than than 40 times more likely to be shared across social media platforms. You need a visually enticing way to get your brand noticed.

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The ROI Experts

Social Media advertising revenue is expected to reach more than $15 billion in 2018 and thats only in the united states. With so many people running ads only the people who know what their doing that come out on top. You can rely on our Google certified expertise.

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Best Practices

78% of people who follow a brand on twitter expect a reply within an hour, constant interactions with your online community are vital in building a large following. We provide professional and helpful responses to your community.

Facebook Management

Facebook Marketing

A whopping 30% of all internet users go to Facebook more than once a day.

Content Promotion

Great quality consistent content posted on your Facebook page is crucial to growing your page engagement and following.

Community Engagement

Interacting with your clients in a professional way about their purchases, good and bad experience is a time consuming effort let us handle that for you.

Unique Posts

2-3 Facebook page posts everyday including a combination of specialized graphics, video content, company news and website traffic generation.

Page Engagements

It's vital to also engage with business pages and in the same market it will have a spill over effect on your page.

Content Marketing​

We will curate special info-graphics and curated posts that can really accelerate your leads and client engagement

Twitter Management

Twitter Marketing

there are over 326 million monthly active users on Twitter.

Daily Tweets

We will generally post 7 times on twitter per day typically our post mix would include self-promotional tweets, brand messages that resonate with your target audience.

Content Promotion

Great quality consistent content posted on your Twitter page helps grow your page engagement and following.

Keyword Monitoring

We help identify the keywords that are gaining traction and develop relevant content. To take advantage of the trending topics.

Community Engagement

Keeping your community informed with fast response times are vital to your channel growth.

Hashtag Creation & management

Let us identify the trends and help you start one

Instagram management

Instagram Marketing

This is where all the cool kids hang out with the majority of users around ages 20 - 35.

Optimizing Your Profile

A curated timeline of images can lead to a massive gain in followers and likes.


Interacting with your followers is just as important as gaining new ones


Up to 7 posts these will all be visual self promotional and info-graphics based around your specialty

Bio Editing

Having a great bio is crucial to people understand how your services can benefit them​

Linkedin management

Linkedin Marketing

with over 303 million active monthly users Linkedin is the premier business to business platform​


We will generally post 4 times on Linkedin per day typically our post mix would include self-promotional advice and topics that resonate with your target audience.


Interacting with clients and briefing them on crucial product info in a professional way.

Linkedin Groups

Create a community that is dedicated to your products and services

How much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

We typically charge between $1000-$1500 to manage one single social media platform for example 1 Facebook account. We also require that you do a strategy session with us at the additional cost of $1000 first so we can assess which channel would best suite your business and create a customized marketing plan. We then use a set budget of $150 to promote your content..  

Are Social Media Ads included?

Social Media ads are not included. Should you want us manage your social media ads we will charge an additional management fee 30% of your monthly ads spend with a minimum monthly social media ad management fee of $250

Which Social Media Platforms should you focus on?

Every social media platform is different. Facebook usually has the highest ROI .Where Instagram can be highly effective for clothing and apparel because most of the Instagram user base is between 20-35. Linkedin in is an awesome B2B marketing tool where Twitter can be great for PR (Just ask Mr.Trump). Confused? 

I know I was… That is why we do a strategy session first so we can identify the social media channels that will produce meaningful change and connect with your core audience. 

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