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From running Facebook lead gen campaigns to the latest google ads re-targeting techniques. We have done it all and we constantly look for ways to increase your ROAS.

At Neptune we use advanced ppc bidding strategies that maximize ads spend while still keeping user engagement high.

Keep Your cash

Keep you own ads spend budget in your own company bank account. We don’t ask you to pay us large sums of cash and then only spend a small amount on ads spend. If you tell us your budget is $10k for ads then the full $10k will be spent on ads with proof.

pricing Structure At A Glance

Transparent Fees

Your exact marketing allocation for ads is what will be spent on ppc ads. You also get the benefit of having ownership and access to all your marketing data 24/7 because we setup/manage ads accounts that are in your company name.

Our additional management fees are calculated as shown on the graph. We do not believe in binding companies to long term contracts if you feel we are no longer providing you with value for money we have a 30 days notice period after that you are more than welcome to change to another ppc agency. 

Your Budget
Monthly Ads Management Fee
Additional Ad Artwork & Content Fee (Once Off)
Cancelation Fee

See how Your Money Is Spent

You can log into your ads analytics and view any of the campaigns which we manage for you at anytime. No inflated figures no fancy jargon just raw data accessible anytime.

Cancel Anytime

We have a 30 day notice period we do not have any long term contracts unless requested by the clients

Google Certified Experts

Our Google certifed staff will ensure you get the best out of your online ads and use analytics to show you anywhereyou can improve.

We Keep It Simple

Once the creatives/content is made on your behalf and paid for it is yours to use with any other campaigns as you please.

Great ROAS Returns

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We have expert copy-writers and ppc experts to help you get the most engagement at the lowest ads.

We are always testing to ensure we keep our strategies up to date and not relying on old outdated marketing strategies.

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