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What is a social media content strategy
Social Media Marketing

What is included in content marketing?

Businesses often struggle with obscurity. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are some of the best free marketing tools I have used in my business.

social media marketing agency for small business
Social Media Marketing

How much do social media ads cost?

That depends on the average CPC for Facebook ads in 2019 according to this article is about $1.72

in this article we explain ppc advertising
Social Media Marketing

How does pay per click advertising work?

You also get an extremely sophisticated set of targeting tools which can allow you to target your ads to a specific target audience selected by you.

how to do landing page optimization
Website Beginner

Landing page conversion optimization

Does your landing page include a hero image? An image of a future state where the client’s problem is solved

Website Beginner

5 Website beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

Yes, it can be tedious implementing all these changes to your website but your clients will thank you with sales. Remember you don’t have to do all this work by yourself.

Google analytics

How to see abandoned carts in Google Analytics

Abandoned carts can be very useful in to see where you website’s sales process is breaking down. These days lot of eCommerce stores are receiving a lot of traffic but with no or few conversions.

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