What is a bounce rate?

Have you ever been on looking through your analytics data and noticed a metric called bounce rate?

What is it?

The bounce rate is basically a measurement of how engaging your page is to website visitors. Think of it like a ball bouncing when the ball bounces high off the ground we can say it has a high bounce rate, but when the same ball sticks to the ground it has a low bounce rate. So what does that have to do with your website? Well, you can think of your web page in much the same way, pages that have a very high bounce rate do not allow visitors to stay on them long or “stick” so those users just bounce off that page. The lower the bounce rate the better the engagement on that web page.

What is the average bounce rate?

There are multiple articles on the web that cover this topic but it seems like there is no consensus. This is likely because every industry has its own unique bounce rate. So what should you aim for?

  • 70%-100% Very Bad
  • 60%-70% Average
  • 50%-60% Good
  • Below 50% Very Good

How to improve your bounce rate?

Remember a high bounce rate is typically a sign that the visitors to the page are not engaged by the content on that particular webpage. This can be for a number of reasons


The content on the page could not be relevant to the web traffic or ads traffic you are sending to that specific page. For example, if you have traffic interested in purchasing entry-level real estate and you are sending them to a page with high-class real estate this can be off-putting and could result in a high bounce rate.


When you are targeting clients with your social media or online ads do not target everyone. Try and have a very specific persona in mind when you create a website or web page it helps you narrow down exactly what to put on a specific web page. This will also help you identify who to target.


Having a strategy in place can greatly increase your chances of finding the ideal buyer for your product. A strategy helps us to narrow in on exactly why someone would buy your specific product versus a similar product online. Clients don’t only purchase from you because you are cheaper than the next guy, there are a number of factors. If you don’t have a content marketing strategy in place then contact us at Neptune Design.


If your website or landing page looks unsafe and unprofessional this could also increase your bounce rate substantially. Try and have a professional logo, website security certificate with an overall highly polished design on your website this can go quite a long way in the mind of a website visitor. Also, try and include some social proof that you can deliver on the promises your web page is making.

Need more tips?

Consider downloading our free guide here to get a handle on social media marketing and understand your website visitors much better.

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