How to see abandoned carts in Google Analytics

Abandoned carts can be very useful in to see where you website’s sales process is breaking down. These days lot of eCommerce stores are receiving a lot of traffic but with no or few conversions. Website owners often don’t even know how to track their visitors and see which parts of their websites are popular for visitors so they drive conversions. Google analytics can help with this problem but just where exactly can this report be found?

Step 1

Please note: In order to see the abandoned cart reports you need to have the ecommerce settings activated and ecommerce tracking configured. If you do not have this configured do not stress simple click the conversion tracking link below and get in touch with us to set it up for you. Okay so moving on I will presume your Google analytics is properly configured. Firstly look on to your Google analytics account and look on the left hand side plane. Click the tab that says conversions.

Step 2

After click the conversions tab you will see a drop down menu go down this menu and select the eCommerce tab from the options.

Final Step

Once the tab is selected you will see the option that says shopping behavior. Select that option. Here you will see a report which will include your cart abandonment statistics.

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