Italiana Email Newsletter Strategy

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The Client

Italiana is a traditional italian restaurant that has been operating for the past 2 years out of Sandton, South Africa. The restaurant would like to increase its online orders. They do have a loyal customer base however, they know that they are slowly losing clients to competitors that have a stronger online presence.

The Challenge

To increase their gross revenue on takeaway orders by 30%. This goal needs to be achieved by the 4th Quarter of the 2020 financial year.

Email Open Rate Target
Increase average to email open rate to 25%
Email Click-Through Rate Target
Increase email click-through rate to 10%
Average Email Conversion Rate Target
Increase email conversion rate to 3%

Proposed Solution

To increase adoption of the Italiana online order system by creating a new engaging newsletter series. The newsletter series will leverage the existing 12 000 newsletter audience Italiana already has.

Sales funnel Design

Creating a newsletter series called Italiana secrets. In each newsletter we feature how Italiana makes it’s trademark sauces/dishes like Napolitana, Carbonara and Alfredo. At the end of each video the viewers get a free coupon for 25% for the bottled version of the sauce. Of course the customers will also want to order take away meals to go along with these sauces.

Email Newsletter Design

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