Search ads survival guide ebook

Your First 28 days planned out

From day 1 to day 28 of your campaign with guide will guide you on exactly what to do. Get insights from a Google ads marketer with over 5 years of experience to get your campaign profitable as fast as possible.


Who this is for?

If you are just starting out with Google search ads and want to accelerate your learning this is the ebook for you. Or, Anyone who wants to understand search ads, how they work and how to maximize their potential. Master search ads is vital to boosting profits and increasing sales.


This ebook is not for

People who already have years of experience with Google ads.

What's in the book?

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  • 4 weeks of guidance for your campaigns
  • What no one tells you about Google ads
  • Common beginner mistakes 
  • How to make your campaigns profitable

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