Social Media Marketing

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Google Ads

Which Google ads bidding strategy is right for you?

So here’s the thing if your business is new to Google ads you might find all this bidding strategy stuff confusing. Most businesses just leave the bidding strategy on the default setting and hope for the best

Google Ads

How to reduce your Google ad words Cost

Most of the time our clients come to us with the same problem, why am I paying so much per click with my Google ads and how can I reduce this ad words cost

what is a website bounce rate
Google analytics

What is a bounce rate?

Remember a high bounce rate is typically a sign that the visitors to the page are not engaged by the content on that particular web page. This can be for a number of reasons

What is a social media content strategy
Social Media Marketing

What is included in content marketing?

Businesses often struggle with obscurity. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are some of the best free marketing tools I have used in my business.

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