Googles New WordPress Plugin

In case you haven’t heard Google has a new plugin for WordPress called google site kit. The new plugin is still in its beta testing stage however it is available for the public to download. Here is what the plugin allows you to do.

Install Google search console, Tag Manager and Analytics in your WordPress Dashboard

That’s right you read correctly the new plugin allows you to install multiple google services such as Tag Manager, Adsense and search console all in the WordPress dashboard. Most importantly you don’t need any additional plugin and coding required for the setup. So now anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress can get their website data analytics set up nice and easy!

Google Search Statistics

Another big advantage is you can now view your google search statistics in your WordPress dashboard. No more logging in to google search console, the data is all there for you to view. You can see details like your average search position and your top search queries.

More Features

You can also now view your google analytics data in your WordPress dashboard. It’s not a comprehensive view of all the data tho but it will allow you to see most of your crucial website data. The data allows you to see the traffic coming to your website as well as the bounce rate and session duration.

Making Life Easier

While the new Google site kit plugin is a little rough around the edges it is still a major improvement for WordPress users. Users no longer have to rely on third-party apps and plugins. They can now register their website and activate analytics in a manner of minutes. Now that’s progress. Have you tried Google’s site kit plugin? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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