Why a responsive website is crucial

Why a responsive website is crucial

by Devon Thomas July 23, 2018

Why a responsive website is crucial

Okay today I’ll be discussing what responsive design is and why it is crucial for your company to have a responsive website. Firstly responsive website is simply a fancy way of saying that whatever website your company uses to sell its products/services will be viewable on any mobile device, smartphone, tablet, and or personal computer or laptop. But why is this important? What difference does it make if people can only see my website properly on laptops we all use computers right?

The article in the this link written by

Titcomb,J. (2016, 1 November, 2:38pm)

Retrieved from


Shows that and I quote a staggering “51.3% of pages were loaded on mobile devices in October, the first time they have surpassed desktop and laptop computers.” This means that as the internet is growing, evolving and shifting the way your clients are accessing the internet. Therefore 51.3% of people are accessing the internet through smart phones, how do you justify that your old company website is not optimized for cellphone usage? Can first time buyers even view your website/products/services on their smartphones properly?

Now another study below

The article in the this link written by

Podjarny,G. (2016, 1 November, 2:38pm)

Retrieved from


Shows that only 11.3% of the top 100 000 websites were responsive and roughly that 82,326 of the websites were not. All small business owners should be jumping just over a meter high in the air right now. If so many business owners have non-responsive websites, you now have a huge business advantage if your website is optimized for mobile usage.

This research would also explain why many people have spent a lot of resources on a website that is just not yielding positive returns and conversions. In conclusion if you do have a responsive website it would place yourself and your business in a good position in 2017 as smartphone sales increase. Considering average smartphone now has more computing power than NASA used to go to the moon. Smartphones are not only changing the way that modern day people communicate but also the way that they buy.

Written By Devon Thomas

Creative Director, Founder Neptune Design

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