Wedding Websites Evaluated

Wedding Websites Evaluated

by Devon Thomas October 26, 2016

Weddings can be very stressful there are so many considerations, so many things to be sorted out. The photographer, the guest list, who can come, who can’t come, where to place them, the venue and the caterers. Often times weddings can be so stressful that arguments often breakout between the soon to be happily married couple.

I’ve attended quite a few of these stressful yet blissful occasions to know that the main cause of all these tensions is communication. Communication effects everything if things are not organized and problems are not anticipated they can often overwhelm the couple getting married.

Wedding websites can be a way to effectively communicate with all your wedding guests, wedding coordinators, wedding staff and wedding photographers. Take a look at the following cool features a wedding website could have.

  • Google maps directions to all the wedding locations and with directions for relatives
  • Online RSVP
  • Email newsletter so you can save on the costs buying invitations
  • You can send all the people on your guest lists live updates with wedding info
  • It will save you a lot of phone calls because you can even load a schedule of full rehearsals, important events and who should attend.
  • You could upload seating plans so people can log on their cellphones to check ahead so there is no confusion.
  • Once the photoshoot is complete all the beautiful wedding photos can be uploaded to the wedding any relative/friend can simply download the photos at their leisure and they won’t get damaged like printed photos.
  • We live in a digital age more and more people are switching to this way of organizing the wedding of their dreams.


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