We setup and integrate Google Analytics

Quick and easy google analytics, conversion tracking and goal tracking for WordPress, Facebook Pixel and WooCommerce.

Google Analytics

We setup Google Analytics and goal tracking for the following platforms

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool from Google that allows you to track your website visitor’s behavior and measure your website conversions accurately. Here are some of the powerful visitor reports you can generate.

  • Conversion tracking
  • Visitor location
  • Marketing ROI
  • Device usage
  • Visitor behavior
  • Google ads conversion

Track conversions across your website

Today’s world is all about data, the more information you can gather on your potential client’s behavior on your site the more you can increase your closing and sales conversion rates

Retarget clients that don't buy the first time

This is also know as remarketing statistics show that only 3% of ecommerce buyers purchase the first time they visit a site. Statistics also have shown that retargeting can be up to 70 times more effective than a normal display ads campaign

Google Certified

Owned and managed by a Google certified makreting expert.For any feedback or to view our qualifications contact us

One of our human agents will give you feedback through every step of the setup process and assist with any queries

Track your website key performance indicators and measure your marketing campaigns accurately

A Plan for everyone

Starter Pack

Single user
$ 99
Once Off
  • Google analytics account setup
  • Goolge Tag Manager account setup
  • 1 x Facebook pixel setup
  • 3 x site conversion events setup


Single user
$ 199
Once Off
  • Google analytics account setup
  • Google Tag Manager account setup
  • 3 x Facebook pixel setup
  • 6 x site conversion events setup


Single user
$ 399
Once Off
  • Google analytics account setup
  • Google Tag Manager account setp
  • 6 x Facebook pixel setup
  • 12 x site conversion events setup
  • Google Ads converison tracking
  • Google Ads retargeting setup
Different Countries
Visitors tracked

Frequently Asked Questions

If your looking to grow your business website, blog or eCommerce store you will need data to see if your marketing and SEO efforts are working. This is definitely the right decision for you. However if your not really interested in growing your website audience then this tool is not for you.

Your hosting company will usually send you an email copy of your cpanel information when you open a hosting account with them, if you cannot locate this email then please request them to send it to you again

Unfortunately you cannot see site data in google analytics from before the time of setup.

You can see a wide range of reports please visit our features page for Google analytics we have some examples there of the reports you will be able to see

A facebook pixel is a tracking pixel simply put. When you take out a Facebook ad campaign, Facebook has no way of measuring if your traffic from facebook is actually buying products on your website or not. This is where the Facebook Pixel comes in we install the Facebook pixel on your website and now you can measure the conversions on your website.

Simply put a site conversion event is any event that is an important action for visitors to take on your website, it can be a newsletter sign-up, adding a product to cart, a checkout page or even a contact form submission. We setup these events on your website and track them with Google analytics so you can see visitor behavior on your site.


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